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Emerald Improvement Center is dedicated to administering the best, most appropriate treatment for our patients.

Our Treatment Options

Day Treatment
The day treatment program provides the highest level of care offered by Emerald’s outpatient services; this option is recommended for high-risk patients. This program option requires at least 20 hours of treatment each week. Day treatment is a highly structured, clinical, and medically managed program that includes a combination of daily activities (gym, games), meals, psycho-therapy, and transportation.
Intensive Outpatient
The intensive outpatient program provides the most common level of care Emerald offers. This program requires patient participation in a combination of group and individual psychotherapy sessions for a minimum of 10 hours each week during treatment duration. IOP patients are also welcome to attend more than 9 hours a week and to participate in the daily activities offered to day treatment patients.
General Outpatient
The general outpatient program is designed for low-risk individuals or patients that who are at low risk or have graduated from day treatment and IOP levels of care. GOP patients are required to continue attending psychotherapy with a combination of group and individual therapy participation for 9 hours a week.
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